At SSD we offer the student self defence tuition that looks to build on an individual's knowledge, ability, confidence, fitness, speed and agility.

We teach a wide variety of content that makes each lesson interesting, fun, and thought provoking. Indeed, by breaking down responses and techniques, we feel the student can acquire a better understanding of what is realistic and what may actually have some hope of working in a given situation, against what is pure fantasy and assumptive.

Self Defence, Krav Maga

Training with us will give you:

  • Improved situational awareness

  • The skills needed to deal with a physical threat

  • The ability to apply effective strategies

  • Efficiency in movement 

  • Effective striking ability

  • Increased levels of confidence

  • A higher level of fitness and strength

  • A greater understanding of what self protection is

  • A friendly and welcoming environment in which to train

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