Dave Wignall

Dave Wignall

For over 35 years Dave has built a long and credible background in martial arts and self-defence. Forever a student, he continues to study and teach his life-long passion of self defence.

Dave trained in Shotokan Karate for around 18 years and while also cross training in a number of different disciplines and fighting systems, he began exploring a more realistic approach to self defence.
In 2006 after returning from a Jiu-Jitsu World congress in Japan, he began teaching his own ideas and thoughts on realistic self defence.

1982 Began training in Lau Gar Kung Fu
1993 London YMCA Certified Physical Fitness Instructor
2002 1st Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate
2004 2nd Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate
2007 3rd Dan Black belt Shotokan Karate.
2011 Preparing to teach in the life long sector (PTLLS) Level 3
2011 Began training in traditional Krav Maga
2013 Awarded CT707 Civilian Krav Maga Instructor certification under Nir Maman
2015 BTEC Level 3 Advanced Self Defence Instructor
Dave is UK and Europe's leading representative Instructor in CT707 Civilian Krav Maga under Nir Maman's CT707 Krav Maga System.

In addition to running his regular classes, workshops, and courses, Dave continues to teach private clients both self defence and fitness from his own gym in Cambridgeshire.

"Having knowledge of combat systems is one thing. Having knowledge of self defence is another. At Simply Self Defence I feel we achieve a respectable synergy between the two".
- Dave Wignall

Head Coach

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