Dave Wignall

Dave Wignall

With almost 40 years teaching and training experience, I present a different approach and a different way of thinking to what is all too readily accepted as self defence.

Martial Arts training began for me when I was about 14 years of age and since then I’ve been training and teaching throughout the last 40 years.

During this time I trained across a range of different combat systems and gained a number of black belt grades, certifications and Instructor qualifications in namely, Shotokan Karate, Civilian Krav Maga and physical fitness.

It wasn't until after returning from a Ju-Jitsu World congress in Japan in 2006, that I really started to identify the many distinctions between traditional martial arts, including the various fighting systems I had experienced, against what actually constituted practical and realistic self defence.

2006 was indeed the turning point for me as I realised that what started out as a childhood hobby, teaching 'real' self defence was soon to become my profession.

My ongoing research and study of what is a complex and interesting subject has allowed me to build a teaching platform that encompasses a well balanced combination of both the physical and psychological components of self protection.

Having knowledge of a combat system is one thing, having knowledge of self protection is completely different.

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